3 Aspects of Artwork Investing

Artwork Investing, eh?

Most people would think your brain is probably fried after making such a statement.

But is it really a bad endeavor to jump into?

Some will say yes, while others would say the reverse.

Surprisingly, artwork investment is on the rise!

It’s relative to the fluctuation of the stock and bond market, and if one seeks to invest into it.

That would mean the start of a lucrative business venture spanning well into the future.

Other factors will come into play, for they will serve as obstacles.

Although, that’s the way of the world, right?

There are always a few roadblocks to navigate around.

And in the world of investing, that always stands as a true testament.

But for now, it’s time to jump into a few reasons why Artwork Investing is causing a stir within the consumer market.

1st Aspect — Artwork Investing History

Credit: leonardodavinci.net

For centuries, many aristocrats have sought after various forms of artwork.

The most noted, of course, are the famous paintings created by artists such as Leonardo de Vinci.

He’s most recognized for his Mona Lisa painting, a masterpiece that was worth quite a bit back in the early 1500s.

Keep in mind, that was when it was first viewed by the public, even though it’s stated that de Vinci still worked on it over a decade later.

It’s also noted that French King Francis I, had the painting in his possession at one time within the confines of the French Republic.

Overtime, the painting grew more valuable, not because it’s a classic painting many come to know from the last past centuries.

It was because of Lisa’s strange grimace of a smile that attracted wealthy investors.

Hence, the reason why it’s now worth over $900 million!

Now that’s a HUGE investment, but that’s reserved for the mega rich.

But what about the everyday common guy or gal?

How can they jump into this masterpiece genre in an attempt to generate mass wealth?

Well, like a stock and bond portfolio, investors can add expensive sculptures and paintings to that list!

After all, I did say toward the beginning of this article how artwork investment can be quite the lucrative business.

2nd Aspect — Artwork Investing (The Pros)

Now also like stocks and bonds, artwork investing falls into two categories.

We just mentioned how it favors the filthy rich which is the first. However, this will focus on the middle-class populace.

The other part to the equation, are the upcoming and seasoned veteran artists that produce their artistry.

The more money they generate from their work, the more valuable it becomes.

That attracts people who are looking to invest into the latest money-making endeavor.

As of now the Arts Market has been expanding worldwide.

Last year it hit $275.58 billion in overall revenue.

This year, it’s a little over double that hitting $455.37 billion!

That pushed the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) just over 65%.

That’s impressive in itself!

And I’m sure, many of the non-enthusiastic art critics are now taking notice.

In a little less than four years, the Art Market is predicted to hit a record breaking $795.63 billion!

Yeah, it’s a potentially scalable market!

That means a lot of money is flowing through this market.

People are probably licking their lips at this point.

No doubt they’re starting to wonder how lucrative the art market would be…

And to point out again, there are opportunities within this art craft genre.

Although, there are some downsides that go along with the upsides.

And hearing what I’m about to say next might be quite disheartening.

3rd Aspect — Artwork Investing (The Cons)

Yeah, it’s always room for the downside.

That especially applies when investing in your future, and in this case, it focuses on the returns one would make from artwork investing.

Artwork investing mirrors the time frame of the stock and bond investment market.

Now I know many don’t want to hear that, even so, that’s a hard truth!

So, if you jump into this market, you will need to wait for quite a while before receiving a profit.

The investment/return range is stated to be at least 10 years (even though different invests may vary).

Yeah, that’s a nice amount of time to wait!

That also would suggest not completely relying on it as a base investment.

The better angle would be to include it in your portfolio repertoire, among other financial investments.

And yes, I’m not a big fan of cryptocurrency; although, it is still a financial investment.

But I just see it as a low-term investment (due to its volatile shifting within the market).

The greater investment will always be the gold standard, because it was the resource that bolstered the dollar’s wealth.

“Maritime Admiralty: The hidden shackles that binds us to unfettered debt!” — Jaye’s eBook

Well, that was until former President Nixon took gold off of the dollar on August 15, 1971.

Doing so, plunged the value of the dollar downward and now its value is worth significantly less than ever before!

Final Takeaway

Investing into artwork can be lucrative, even though every investment made will differ.

If investors believe they will need to physically harbor artwork will find that to be quite the latter.

In other words, they along with other investors can simply buy shares of greater items that are authenticated by specialists.

So, if you’re thinking about jumping into this field of investing.

Then you’ll need to know where to start looking first.

Check out a list of Artwork Investment firms and informative resources below in the bulletin list:

Lastly, will be what genre types of artworks one should invest in.

Honestly, you only need to focus on one piece that’s performing well on the market (doing your due diligence will be key here).

So, it’s important to understand that you’re NOT trying to buy the whole freakin’ house!


It’s similar to investing in cryptocurrency, or within the housing market etc.

You’re looking for the best investment deal that brings value back to your financial portfolio.

That’s all…

Originally published at https://www.readingthisarticle.com on May 11, 2022.




I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a content creator here on medium. I will focus on technology, marketing, and Maritime Concepts.

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J Irons

J Irons

I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a content creator here on medium. I will focus on technology, marketing, and Maritime Concepts.

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