Awesome analogies in your post I must say, thank you for following, but it's not necessary I told Deepak another great author here that I'm moving on from Medium and Digital Diplomacy.

I am going to share one more post on Medium and that will center around a topic that will open a lot of minds; it's time people see more of what hiding behind the curtains of deceit.

And that I'm going to as a last article on Medium.

Again, thank you and keep doing what you do best.

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"Awesome Writing Dee, and sorry I haven't been on medium because I'm starting up a few of my websites."

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I don’t understand why people believe conspiracies only refer to controversial topics (especially topics centered on both the Montauk Project and MK Ultra).

When in retrospect, conspiracies apply to everything that comes up in trivial conversations.

Conspiracies extend from generations of information handed down to newer generations are given information from their elders.

Question is.

Is the information taught to us by our elders is true or false?

One person tells another person (who may be either a family member or friend) something seemingly real. And it’s automatically accepted by the other person. …

Isn’t That Always The Case With These Monopoly Giants Who Love Pissing On The Little Guy

YouTube has been around for a long-time now, and content creators have flocked to the platform ever since.

I’ve jumped on YouTube; and tried to establish my channel dealing with Maritime Law. I was going to break down the concepts of Maritime Law; its “lesser” half is known as Maritime Concepts.

I told the few readers about it that have viewed my posts so far. I was going to give a little insight into aspects of Maritime.

Well, I came up with an idea; that was enticing to me. …

Professor Brian O’ Blivion Creator of Videodrome

Videodrome was a crazy a** sci-fi thriller; that takes hold of the viewer and re-constitutes their sense of reality.

It accomplishes this by projecting a vast amount of violence, chaos, and graphic sexual overtones into every piece of its video broadcasts.

The viewer remains unaware, as most of the video media starts normal, and, the content shown will take extreme twists viewers wouldn’t expect.

And that’s what happens with the protagonist of the movie Max Reen, who is an opportunist, looking for edgy material to incorporate in his TV show schedule line-up for CIVIC-TV.

So there’s a lot of talk about N95 Masks, and most people know they are “supposedly” reliable when protecting yourself against COVID-19.

We are now into the last month, at the jet-lagged end of 2020.

Now there are various masks people are wearing these days, and there is a lot of belief about regular face masks; is enough to keep an individual protected.

Which brings up an interesting question, how protected are people who wear semi-safe masks?

Um. Great question.

And what about the price of an N95 Mask?

I’ve heard they can run into the tens of thousands of…

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

Every year in the city of Las Vegas, millions of visitors on a vacation journey to the place to become winners.

No, it’s not at an extravagant carnival rolling through the city that catches their attention.

Instead, they are looking for a fast payday, a quick hookup to bolster their finances significantly.

What is the name of this special place?

Why. It’s the Casino, of course!

Although there will be an occasional winner, there will also be the eternal losers.

And yet, the losers will spend and spend away hoping to break the losing streak; it sticks to them like…

Source: Deposit Pictures

Why would you want to have an independent email server?

Well, for one, it will be yours to have and to hold minus all of the intrusion.

Not to mention having total freedom to send emails from your IP address instead of the email provider’s IP address.

After reading the first few lines, you’re probably thinking.

“Why is he pushing double talk about having an email address?”

“I have one already!” :D

No, you don’t.

“YES, I DO SIR!”:-u

And I say again you don’t, and I’ll tell you why I say that.

It’s because the email you think you…

Source: Deposit Pictures

I’ve been watching various Uber and Lyft videos on YouTube, and I have to say it didn’t look safe AT ALL for the drivers who meet to pick up passengers after they receive a notification through the ride-share app.

So, they show up to pick up the passenger(s), and nine times out of ten, they forget one of the following things.

  • They forget to bring a face mask.
  • They have a infant baby with them, but forget to bring a car seat which is required by Uber/Lyft safety policy; not to mention required by the law.
  • They leave their phones…

Source: Deposit Images

It has been the number one burning question for the last 25 years.

Will autonomous technology take over society?

Are humans at the end of the road of evolution?

Will artificial intelligence pick up from where we left off?

Judging from the way man and machine have separately progressed over the last few decades would lead one to epic levels of uncertainty.

Humans naturally harbor a level of uncertainty, which goes hand-in-hand in everything they set out to accomplish.

They combat it with confidence, determination, and integrity.

Although, there is one factor waiting to take their place in a rapidly…

Jaye Irons

I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a published author here on medium. I will be focusing on technology, history, and Maritime Concepts.

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