Carmichael’s Casino Hacking Device

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Every year in the city of Las Vegas, millions of visitors on a vacation journey to the place to become winners.

No, it’s not at an extravagant carnival rolling through the city that catches their attention.

Instead, they are looking for a fast payday, a quick hookup to bolster their finances significantly.

What is the name of this special place?

Why. It’s the Casino, of course!

Although there will be an occasional winner, there will also be the eternal losers.

And yet, the losers will spend and spend away hoping to break the losing streak; it sticks to them like gorilla glue through and through.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

The most popular games to play are the slot machines; these are the machines that pull in a nice sum of cash on most nights.

And most Casino players will try their luck with them, rather than throwing their money away at the craps table.

Then some burn through their money playing rounds of Russian Roulette, which is NOT a game to be played with a minute sum of cash.

Then there were players; who took an entirely different approach.

They were not playing just for fun; or playing because they were bored to death.

No, these were individuals playing these cash machines for a paycheck. And there was one player who coined the phrase “paycheck” to a T.

His name was Tommy Carmichael, a struggling TV repairman down on his luck.

During the 1980s, the TV repair industry wasn’t the best field of work to immerse oneself in (big companies were taking over the industry).

And like the old saying still today.

“When it’s time to pay the rent, YOU PAY THE RENT!”

A sound observation and one to follow to avoid sleeping on the hard embank of a rigid curb. :-\

He was also dealing with what would be his third divorce.

Besides, that was the drug possession charges that were pending against him.

A complete bummer to be this man, NO DOUBT THERE!

He was left clueless, not knowing where to turn. Even though he was drowning in despair, he didn’t give up.

For Carmichael, he was determined to hit the jackpot and turn his life around (which was thanks to an old high school buddy of his that gave him the “Top & Bottom Joint” slot machine cheating device).

Unbeknownst to him, the Vegas Strip of opportunity was knocking at his door. And once he answers it, his life would take a total 360° spin from there on out!

It’s Carmichael’s Way, Not The Casino’s Way!

It all started one day when Tommy Carmichael walked into a Las Vegas Casino.

He had little money at his disposal, and the chance to strike it big; playing one of the slot machines looked uncertain.

That, however, didn’t worry him one bit.

When it came to Carmichael, he was a wiz. And it wasn’t because he was an Ace TV repair guy, LOL. Not by a longshot!

He, instead, was quite the handyman crafty with various tools.

These weren’t just any types of standard tools they were keys created and designed to make him a wealthy man.

He wasn’t a fool and observed everyone at the Casino like him trying to win big.

And while they were sinking coins into the slots, Carmichael was busy using a cheating device to manipulate the slot machines.

And next thing you know, the “WINNER” alarm sounds off as if it was a fire alarm blaring back at the local fire department down the street.

Now some of you are thinking he couldn’t possibly win that much money cheating the slots.

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Well, quite contrary, my friend; this guy was racking up thousands of dollars on a day-to-day basis!

Keep in mind, most slot machine cheaters were throwing slugs (fake coin-like structures) into the slots, or they went with the coin wrapped up in the string trick (where they pulled the coin; back out of the slot with the help of the string).

Cheaters have been using that method for decades, until, finally, the gaming industry stepped up to re-engineer their machines (that “eighty-sixth’d” the entire operation for then on).


His friend Ray Ming shared with him the “ins” and “outs” of ways to cheat the slot machines.

Ray pointed out the entry access areas of the slot machines.

The slot machines were easy targets, a haven for con-artists good at scamming the Casino gaming system was operating on an entirely different level.

Carmichael liked what he was hearing. He the idea was so enticing, he continued following his friend’s advice by further experimenting with the device that quickly took him from being broke; to making money hand-over-fist!

Carmichael puts the “Top & Bottom” Contraption to the Ultimate Test!

After winning some cold hard cash, Carmichael felt it was time to try out more slot machines to perfect all of what he learned.

With his analog slot cheating device in hand (or pocket would be more suffice to cover yourself from exposure), he was going to shake down all of Vegas effortlessly.

Carmichael walks inside of a gaming establishment; he surveys his surroundings. He checked to make sure no one was watching him for what he was about to do; what he did before at previous Casinos.

His friend Ming got him out of a serious jam, and one would wonder how did he know so much about cheating various slot machines.

His friend informed him about the construction of the old-school slot machines.

They were slotted disks attached to three reels inside of the machines, and to hit the jackpot, the wheel slots have to align simultaneously.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

It was information such as that which allowed Carmichael to average between $2,000 to $5,000 daily.

(Keep in mind, he made large sums of money back in the early 80s!)

Everything continued in his favor; until one day, his winning streak suddenly dried out.

However, it wasn’t because he was cleaning out the Casinos too quickly.

Instead, it was a series of arrests made at the Casinos, and the authorities discovered something odd that suspects were using on the slot machines.


Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

The cheating methods were exposed to the authorities and gaming inspectors, thanks to the cheaters who got caught cheating.

And that’s where things would change for the worse and not the better.

Carmichael Is Feeling The Heat From Kitchen!

The fear of getting caught raced through Carmichael’s mind, but he couldn’t stop now. He made millions doing what he loved to do best.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

And as before, Carmichael started wondering where to go next before his lucky streak would eventually go BUST.

Casinos across Vegas started investing in newer tech-savvy machines.

The first step they took was to engineer their slot machines with slow-blow fuses.

And that spelled trouble for Carmichael because his top & bottom device met its match after being set up to create the surge that initially triggers the hopper to dispense the coins.

Instead, the slow-blow fuse would cause the hopper to shut down, which meant NO coins weren’t dropping for Carmichael.

At that point, it seems like Carmichael’s luck had finally run its course.

Carmichael refused to give up his daily 9-to-5 occupation, so he searched for any of the remaining older slot machines he could use his top & bottom device on to cash them out.

Although he discovered a few of the older slot machines, they were slowly fading away; and were replaced with the newer up-to-date models.

His money-making scheme was drying out; he went from making thousands of dollars to a mere few hundreds of dollars, which wasn’t going to cut the mustard!

His options were wearing thin, and he was getting desperate.

He started checking out smaller gambling halls with older slot machines, hoping to regain the amount of capital he was raking in once before.

Source: YouTube

He made a sizable amount of cash from the slots there; however, suspicion grew as staff members started taking notice. Carmichael was unaware that he was accumulating evidence that would later be used against him.

He continued with his daily routine, hitting the Casino establishments throughout Vegas.

Then one day, he was carrying on with his usual routine; and stopped to take a coffee break over at a Denny’s Restaurant.

While enjoying his coffee, police officers entered the establishment and apprehended Carmichael; and he was taken into custody by the authorities.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)
Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

Upon their seizure, officers searched and found the Top & Bottom make-shift device on Carmichael.

Then things took a turn for the worst; upon his conviction, a judge sentenced him to prison for five years. His previous drug charges were not thrown in with his gambling afflictions (to rip-off Casinos; that is LOL).

While sending time in prison, Carmichael wasn’t worried about his current situation in the slightest. He was only contemplating what he would do when he got out of incarceration.

He later met a fellow inmate by the name of Mike Balsamo, and they both got along well, for they both were into their beloved past-time.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

Both inmates had all the time they needed to plot out a plan to hit the Casinos the moment their time in prison ended.

Carmichael was the first to be released from prison, and to his dismay, he discovered the technical advancements made to the slot machines while he was still in the joint.

That meant his old methods were now useless, and they would not allow him to manipulate the slot machines as he did previously.

The only thing he could do was to start over and come up with new methods to outdo the advancements done to the machines.

A few months later, his partner Balsamo is finally out of jail and sets out to find Carmichael, as the two planned to do once out of prison.

And when they did, they will have a lot to figure out.

Balsamo also introduced Carmichael to a small band of cheaters, and they wanted in on their operation.

Carmichael went along with the idea because more minds are better than one when it comes to thinking out effective slot machine rip-off strategies.

Carmichael’s Digitized Technical Difficulties

The International Game Technology and Bally came up with a digital solution that put simple slot machines manipulation tools to bed permanently.

Both Carmichael and Balsamo met up, and they had a lot to learn about these new machines.

They knew right away that these were provisions taken into account by the gaming franchise, which stemmed from Carmichael’s previous casino slot machine antics.

It also required something Carmichael didn’t want to do.

And that was getting a job!

He had nothing to fall back on financially, and he needed to build up the funds to buy something out of the ordinary.

Well, for the Average Joe or Jane, it would be an odd thing to purchase.

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And don’t get things twisted; he wasn’t planning to get a JOB through a company. LOL.

Source: YouTube

He, along with Balsamo, was planning to do what Carmichael loved to do best. And that was rigging up the older slot machines to reel in fast cash!

And that’s what they did until they had enough to purchase a slot machine from a vendor. And it was a specific slot machine he was looking for this time. Unbeknownst to him, he was about to have a serious challenge on his hands.

The gaming industry was switching to slot machines engineered with microprocessor technology.

Source: Deposit Pictures (Microprocessor Chip)
Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

He created additional cheater devices for Balsamo and other members of his crew, and they ventured to other Casinos outside of Vegas to win easy cash.

Meanwhile, Carmichael stayed around Vegas, and continued raking in the cash day in and day out.

With his trusty-rusty Monkey Paw gadget, he was pulling in thousands of dollars daily. However, all of that would change, yet again, because the gambling Casinos were making more adjustments to their machines.

And there was another issue waiting in the wings for him and his partner, as surveillance cameras advanced with newer technology as well (they now ZOOM IN closely on their targets — VERY CLOSELY!)

The security detail placed the cameras behind potted plants, placed them in hard to spot kitty-corner locations, even places Carmichael himself wouldn’t think to look.

That means Carmichael had to contemplate the odds of getting caught went from highly unlikely to EXTREMELY LIKELY!

The Monkey Paw was officially a cheating tool of the pass, and everything was hanging in the balance for him and his group of cheaters.

So, that meant Carmichael and his band of cheaters were starting yet again, from square one.

He had to come up with a way to beat the advanced monitoring sensors inside of the slot machines.

Understand, most of these hacks Carmichael was using on the machines is analog mechanical technology-based.

He thought about it for days on end, trying to find a way around the new digital technology-based slot machines.

That meant Carmichael was going to have to trick the optical sensors that help the counter component to determine when to STOP the coinage flow payout.

What idea of his was the ultimate game-changer?

It was “The Light Wand,” and this was the invention that was going to skyrocket his cheating profession: ONE-THOUSAND FOLD!

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

The light wand would supply a beam of light to the receiver, and the sensor is blinded; by the immense light, shining back at it.

As a result, the slot machine continues dispensing the coins until it’s emptied. Carmichael walked away with over $10,000 or more on a day-to-day basis!

Carmichael was now making a lot of FRIGGIN’ money!

And he was officially declared as a “One-Man Gang” nuisance to the Casino gaming industry.

He got bolder, more daring. His partner Balsamo was 100% on board at the point.

They took Caribbean Cruises and hit the Casino game rooms aboard ship; cranking out thousands every single day.

They were also traveling back and forth between Atlantic City and Vegas, hitting the Casino up harder than ever.

They were stockpiling millions of dollars at one point.

Eventually, he was going to have to “Pay The Piper”. Because the level of risks taken to steal from the Casinos was getting harder to pull off.

Most of which was thanks to the advanced surveillance cameras, and that what starting to worry Carmichael and his clan.

Carmichael was making too much money; and that left plenty of room vacant for a margin of errors.

His partner Balsamo had scouted for more cheating talents, he introduced Carmichael to Ramon David Pereira; and other cheaters were suggested that helped form their close network of cheating gurus.

Everything continued well for Carmichael and the gang until he stopped at the well-known gaming establishment “dubbed” the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino.

Source (Wikipedia): Circus Circus Motel & Casino

And the routine was the same as always for Carmichael, go inside and case out the place for nosy security cameras; and use one of the crew members of his cheaters posse to block the line of sight between him and the machine (while stealing that MONEY!)

Source: YouTube

It was also that same routine that FINALLY got him busted that faithful day.

And it wasn’t any explaining to be done, no coincidental misunderstandings said such as the following.

“No, see, I was just retrieving my pack of juicy fruit gum that slipped out of my pocket and it just happened to fall into the coin dispenser tray officer.”



Not even a last coffee break request was to be given to him.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

Even though he was caught, Carmichael had nothing in his possession for the authorities to find.

Before they apprehended him, he tossed the Light Wand clear across the Casino game room.

And that’s what gives him a break, and he didn’t admit to having any tools to “Jimmy” the slot machines.

Officers recovered the Light Wand device, even though they couldn’t assume it was Carmichael’s.

The authorities searched their data records, to see if Carmichael was not allowed in Casinos within the Las Vegas area.

They came back with nothing there, since his parole had expired in 1992. It was currently 1996 at the time of his apprehension (so he was in the clear there), LOL.

And if that’s the case, he was free to go after an allotted amount of time.

Plus, he had his attorney to back him up, who came to save the day.

All charges against him. Were dropped!

However, he got popped again for the same circumstance months later at a local Casino in the Nevada area.


“It’s like I said a while back.”

“It will come a time for Carmichael to — PAY THE PIPER!”

And who was this Pied Piper?

It was the judge that sentenced him to 326 days in jail after being convicted of running a nation-wide cheating operation.

On top of the eleven month sentencing, he was put on a three-year’s probation; and could not enter Casinos around the Las Vegas area until it was up.


And as before, he wasn’t allowed a final coffee break request either! LOL.

After it was all said and done, he caught a break.


Source: YouTube

Today, Carmichael now works at the Nevada Gaming Commission, where he created his new perfection device.

“The Protector,” which prevents any slot cheating device from compromising Casino slot machines.

Now whether they pay him to work for them is an entirely different story all together.

Judging from what he is riding in below suggests that he’s making some serious compensation.

And you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not coming from a local Las Vegas Casino! LOL.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

“Well, that’s what it looks like he’s cruisin’ around in.”

“If not.”

“Then drop in the answer down in the comments section.”

“Because whatever it is, looks pretty damn cool.”


And that brings us to the end of this entry!


Because without them to read through it, would be pointless to write it!

I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a published author here on medium. I will be focusing on technology, history, and Maritime Concepts.

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