Montauk & MK Ultra Chaotic Proportions

I don’t understand why people believe conspiracies only refer to controversial topics (especially topics centered on both the Montauk Project and MK Ultra).

When in retrospect, conspiracies apply to everything that comes up in trivial conversations.

Conspiracies extend from generations of information handed down to newer generations which is given information from their elders.

Question is.

Is the information taught to us by our elders true or false?

One person tells another person (who may be either a family member or friend) something seemingly real and it’s automatically accepted by the other person.

They tend to accept the information presented by that individual; because they know them personally.

That information gets passed around over time; and becomes the topic of talk among another group of people.

Whatever controversies hinging on the topic; will provide the weight of its conviction.

The next question is, how controversial is it REALLY?

If it’s a heavy topic that stir up major controversies, people will either agree or disagree with each other; because individuals always have varying opinions this is totally a natural thing.

And the reason for it is because the information is received differently; from another person’s perspective.

I talked to Zach Hubbard, a podcaster who hosts the show The Gematria Effect.”

It was my first time as a caller on the show talking about Montauk.

Source: YouTube

I called in after two previous callers, who talked about the topic first.

Preston Nichols in 2013 Interview about Sound Energy & Healing

I threw in my two cents about the controversy, which started after an invisibility experiment goes belly up on the USS Eldridge naval ship back in the 1940s (and these were the events from the Philadelphia Experiment).

I mentioned to him about Preston Nichols, who was SEEMINGLY the director of the project. Key individuals served as test subjects; who were coerced and brainwashed to participate in various mind-bending experiments.

Al Bielek in 1980s Interview about Project Montauk

Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron claimed to be on the USS Eldridge, a Cannon-class destroyer escort, was a ship of the United States Navy named after Lieutenant Commander John Eldridge Jr., a hero of the invasion of the Solomon Islands (that’s the Wikipedia definition by the way).

And that they jumped from the ship during the time-travel sequence.

Bielek and Duncan Cameron wind up in the 1980s. And Bielek later goes onto the year 2137, during yet another time-displacement sequence.

In 2137, Bielek talks about the massive earthquakes destroying and causing landmass to break off and sink underwater.

(He claims he saw the new United States maps showing formed rivers and lakes as a result).

Then he talked about time-traveling and materializing objects through sheer thought and was made possible with the assistance of both electromagnetic ingenuity and alien technology.

Bielek even claims to have ventured to the year 2749.

While there, he claimed society is governed by alien computer technology. He said citizens in the United States; were relocated to gigantic flying facilities.

Nope, these are not Bielek’s pictures from the future. Maybe he forgot to bring any back to show us what 28th Century Technology had to offer. Oh, Nevermind; Preston Nichols just said that all of the visual proof disintegrated on Al’s return trip back from the future, and that Michael J. Fox’s time-traveling vehicle almost burned up; barely making it out of 100,000℉ flaming wormhole portal as he closely followed Al on the way out. DAMN, REALLY PRESTON! NO VISUAL EVIDENCE ISN’T THAT JUST DANDY :(

Yes, the man said that people were living in flying apartments that were considered to be air-bound cities!? Al needs to be careful, or he might make The Jetsons just a tad jealous with envy.

After all, they were still living in high-rise apartments stationed on REALLY tall titanium stilts for crying out load! And that’s almost in the 22nd century

That’s a huge claim to toss out there, especially when you don’t have anything such as pictures of digital images on a device; to show people things HE SAID HE SAW to serve as solid proof.

Dollhouse” (TV Series) was both a Montauk & MK Ultra Idea surrounding the “reprogramming chair,” that could implant personalities and can give the test subject individual skills and talents within seconds (via) extremely powerful PCs transferring commands to the human mind through the chair device

Then there were talks about a chair amplifying device that helped to manifest objects out of thin air, and there were even wilder claims that the technology of these chairs was used in MK-Ultra Projects and time-traveling, as well as other ESP abilities, was conducted at the Camp Hero base.

Preston Nichols & Duncan Cameron talking with author Peter Moon in a 1985 Interview about humanoid/reptilian better known as “hybrid” life forms & The Montauk Project
Preston brings up the topic about when he worked with a 6 to 7-foot reptilian humanoid during his time at the Montauk facility. He discussed how the reptile/humanoid being had a thing for drinking tall cold watery drinks mixed with Drano; that’s right DRANO (the pipe cleaning solution) that eventually made the creature drunk. Duncan even has a hard time believing that crazy sh*t; but hey, I guess when it’s coming from Preston Nichols talking about time travel, aliens, and probably somewhere in between will probably be those wild tigers at one point ON MY, THEN IT MUST BE TRUE! > 🤣 <

(The chair reminds me of the control seat from the Roswell UFO crash back in 1947, and the chair-like devices used to program and later was used to wipe people’s memories away is similar to the TV show events of the Dollhouse).

By the way, the Roswell Crash was said to be a hoax; and that the CIA (along with the Soviet dictator at the time — Joseph Stalin who was supposedly involved in the event).


Stalin is said to have supposedly staged the crash to incite fear in the hearts and minds of the United States government and its citizens.

Another silly bastard dictator Joseph Stalin (giving his last speech here in 1952), who got his kicks starving to death and murdering tens of millions of his own people; and yet they still accepted him as their leader? WTF? And it’s too hard to believe this idiot had anything to do with the Roswell Incident. Just a bunch of fluff; UNLESS IT CAN BE PROVEN OTHERWISE.

I heard of this before, but it adds more “doubt fuel” to the already blazoned fire, however, it seems that Hitler put one of his top scientists (Dr. Josef Mengele) to help Joseph Stalin stage a fake alien invasion.

Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)


Source: Jaye Irons (Creative Image)

And that’s what I mean when you learn or hear things such as that; it’s too hard to accept as true, and most people will instead lean towards the false side of the narrative.

Mengele was tasked with “dressing up concentration camp victims”via the use of special cosmetic parlor tricks to create so-called humanoids shown in a 1947 closed-circuit video.

One of the bodies recovered was in decent condition.

(A supposed nurse; who turned out to be an Executive Secretary stationed at the Roswell RAAF hospital knew Glenn Davis.)

Source (YouTube): Glenn Davis tells his story about the Roswell Incident

Davis accidentally stumbled into the middle of the conducted alien autopsy of the recovered body from the crash he stated that he didn’t see what happened, only what the female nurse told him about the specifics of the situation.

The other two bodies were badly charred because the bodies were laying out in the scorching hot sun for some time after the ship crashed.

A lot of people still don’t know that was only a flying saucer “test run” by the American Government. Uh, oh! Like Ricky Ricardo would say.. “Lucy! You got some “splaining” to do! Except it’s not her than needs to do the explaining; but rather our own government

Another odd fact was the flying craft itself was reported as an “American Fighter Plane,” which seems unbelievable; because it was always known for having a “saucer-like” appearance rather than a typical aircraft appearance.

The only thing I could think of other than that was the test experiments of the saucer-type vehicle of the infamous VZ-9 Avrocar.”

Source (Wikipedia): The Avrocar S/N 58–7055 (marked AV-7055) on its rollout. Image from the book “Avrocar: Canada’s Flying Saucer, 2001”

As far as the “Delta-T Antenna” goes, it was used as a radar signal tracker to spot incoming enemies during World War 2.

“Triangle Angle Antenna” Um… Triangle shaped, now what could that possibly be referenced to?

The gigantic Delta-T Antenna was simply an antenna that could translate time waves into a receivable format, a type of time wave receptor.

The only thing I can think of is the supposed hypnotic effects of the 432 Hz (hertz) frequency that is a “gateway drug,” to activate the human body’s healing properties through relaxation; other frequencies such as 4.5 Hz (causes paranoia), another two are 6.66 Hz (causes the state of depression), and 11.3 Hz (causes an individual to go into “manic rage”). MAYBE certain songs produce by this music “Galerie Schallschutz” was tied into events of the Montauk Project, though I’m not sure

The Delta-T Antenna is somehow connected to a music group known as Galerie Schallschutz.

What Were Some Of The Experiments Centered Around The Delta-T Are The Following:

  • Experimentation with Dimension Technology
  • Experimentation Quantum & Particle Physics
  • Blackhole Simulations, Super-Powerful Electrical & Electromagnetic Fields
  • Experimentation with Weather Control
  • Experimentation with Psychotronics (interfacing the human mind with machine)
  • Experimentation with Particle Beam Technology (HAARP Transmissions)
  • Electronic & Drug-based Mind Control (MK Ultra-ism)
16" inch Gun Battery Montauk Base Camp Hero in the 1940s

The facility originally was fitted with artillery gun batteries, used to dispose of enemy aircraft back in the 1940s.

The base was decommissioned in 1969 and was later used to conduct “hush-hush” secret experiments involving kidnapped kids and homeless people.

Sexual, psychological, and physical experiments centered on young boys and young men (The Montauk Boys).


The extended versions of both the MK Ultra and the Montauk Project (then Project Phoenix”) centered on girls and women, they were conditioned to operate as sex slaves working for the government as spies.

(Most of the brainwashing procedures was conducted by electric shock).

One survivor of the projects said she was shocked at least 37 times in one session. And the reason for the extra shock sessions was to cause the girl to go into an epileptic seizure, and to destroy previous memories of her past.

The victim claimed that the objective was to break her conscious will, so she would give in to any of the sexual requests asked of her to perform on a male subject.

It was the government’s ultimate weapon to turn just about anyone into a mindless slave, who questions nothing; however, does everything they’re told to do to perfection #MindControl #Hollywood #Sheeple #SacrificalLamb #UnitedStatesEmployee #MaritimeProduct

The further purpose (like other female subjects) was to condition to be hoarders of information and to sexually persuade male targets if necessary to complete a mission objective.

Specific word protocols were used to triggers a split personality to manifest within the female subject, to the point where they can be coerced to commit murder; by assassinating their target.

Other Bogus Techniques Conducted Against Them Were:

  • Sleep & Sensory Deprivation
  • Hypnosis
  • Verbal/Sexual Abuse & Torture (the torturous acts would vary)
  • Isolation (long-periods locked in confined spaces)
  • MK Ultra conditioning methods involved various drugs such as LSD, psychoactive drugs, electroshock sessions, and harmful chemicals.

(They were victims of the MK-Ultra experiments).

Documentation is now available to the public > <

(However, there is more no doubt I just didn’t have a lot of time to really dig deep into the thick of it all).

Taking a “closer look” at the equipment pictured off to the left behind Preston over his right shoulder, are the receivers and transmitters; which are needed to generate enough waveband energy to conduct their “outer-worldly” experiments and time-traveling capabilities.

And now it’s time to give my final thoughts about this Montauk Project conundrum of historical events with these three guys who say they did; what they did while they were at the facility back in the 70s and early 80s.

But first, I’m bustin’ out the heavy guns to SEND this one off properly (down in flames of NON-GLORY) with my infamous “P2TPP Logo.”


And questions are NEEDED HERE!

Defining the term BULLSH*T ARTISTS centered on NICHOLS, BIELEK, and CAMERON is gonna be pretty damn wholesome fun! 😎

Now Mr. Bielek claims he and his brother Duncan are transported to 1983 after jumping from the USS Eldridge; which was a result of an ongoing government experiment (a. k. a the Philadelphia Experiment).

The time they claimed to have jumped from was 1943, to 1983, this happens to be 40 years (your basic odd number to be chosen just by chance).

Then during his journey, Bielek claims his next stop was the year 2137 and later comes 2749; he said there all of society is governed by a highly-intelligent computer entity.

Other claims he said is how he was time regressed, back to an infant from an adult, and how he had to restart his entire life progression forward (as if someone just handed him a free pass to redo his life over from day one).

Now keep in mind, he says it wasn’t him that he started over as in life, but he was swapped with his brother’s life force. I guessed he meant that he went through a “reset” to start over again as his brother?

(So, was Al Bielek a. k. a. Ed Cameron, or Duncan Cameron? But the main question was which of the two was he? DAMN THIS SH*T IS CONFUSING! SOMEBODY, PLEASE HELP FIGURE THIS OUT!).

So, Al is trying to say he went from grown-up talk, all the way back to the Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga-talk years all over again? Okay, it’s official; Al has fallen off that DAMN wagon!

Now that’s a HEAVY CLAIM, and remember when I was talking about how enormous a claim can get; the whistleblower, or a person who was in some way a part of super controversial sci-fi events; and no one can say on their behalf is true.

And Preston Nichols seems to have the most out-of-this-world claims; that could get an individual locked-up in the nuthouse for decades on end.

He says that he was deprogramming the boys (in the MOST perverse way unimaginable), then he says that he was programmed like Al and Duncan, yet he was conscious enough to know about all of the procedures to conduct on the Montauk boys.

So, the question is.

Who was Preston’s handler?

I thought Preston was in charge of the experiment (on a grand scale), yet he was also a victim of the same experiments?

Which is WHICH!?

“I mean why is Preston wearing dark shades unless he’s trying to hide his identity; couldn’t help but wonder about that.”

Then seeing him in one interview back in the 80s, he’s wearing dark shades in an area where the video is shot was quite dark.

So, why did he feel the need to throw on a pair of shades?

Maybe one of the children being abused got away, and he doesn’t want to be recognized by that individual say 10 years later? It’s either that, or he’s just super-duper sensitive to halfway lit areas, so go figure.

And, of course, it’s Preston who mentions how Duncan Cameron conjured up a 25-foot virtual monster known as Junior.”

And somehow Nichols managed to stop the creature all by himself, by hacking away at the power supply lines and destroying equipment with an ax that was connected to the generators back at the Philadelphia power plant.

(And Nichols claimed that severing the power supply lines and destroying equipment only weakened the creature, and it was trapped on the upper floors of the facility; SOUNDS ODDLY CONVENIENT!)

And Preston said it was manifested by Duncan’s ESP POWERS, in an attempt to end the Montauk Project; which led to its cancellation in 1984.

And one key thing to point out is that Eleven is just a made-up character from the Stranger Things television series.

(Cameron was a boy at Camp Hero, and Eleven is a girl with abilities not quite like Duncan’s, and that’s about it).

Yes, she does wear the electrode cap on her head so that her psi-powers can be measured and monitored by scientists.


An electrode cap is nothing more than a tool that physicians traditionally use to monitor brain activity to diagnose conditions like epilepsy, seizures, and head trauma.

And understand when I say that Eleven’s abilities are not quite like Duncan’s is not a put down of the Eleven character’s power.

She was beyond Duncan’s capabilities; in fact, I equate her powers to that of both.

Wait for it.

“Tele K Carrie”
“Firey McGee”

Carrie White and Charlie McGee, to whom many know were girls that possessed specific psi-powers. White’s power of telekinesis is identical to that of Eleven’s. And then there’s McGee; her power is similar but different because she could start fires through intense concentration giving her the power of pyrokinesis.

The terms psi, tele, and kinetic means the mind, pushing thoughts to and from, and manipulating objects by sheer will done by an individual’s remote efforts.

Magicians tend to operate similarly; however, it’s just a show they are putting on for the audience.

The Magic Man was using some serious “MK Tricks” on former Detective turned Criminal Ethan Thomas

The Magic Man was a character from the popular game Condemned 2: Bloodshot, and he would demonstrate a variety of abilities such as teleportation, levitation, a strange psi-sonic power to cause disorientation (which is the main power demonstrated by a cult in the game known as “The Oro”), he even can defy death; as if he had a self resurrecting psi power.

And all of these ideas aren’t just from the Montauk Project that created Stranger Things; I’m sure the other movies and games also inspired the series.


However, we’re brought back to the supposed events of the Montauk Project; which honestly sounds like a bunch of fluff at best.

And then you have individuals, who manage to survive everything they supposedly experienced while there; come out making oddball claims that just don’t add up. So again, they must have massive truth to support their claims! PERIOD!


Source: YouTube (Al Bielek talking about the Philadelphia Experiment & Phoenix a. k. a Montauk)

I mean here you have Al Bielek, who is given a podium to voice his claims in front of a large audience.

And the strange part of it all, are the people who were there believing everything this guy was shelling out to them IS LAUGHABLE AT BEST.

(Some things pointed out by Al, that are true will no doubt be obvious; and claims such as climate change among others are tired ones used over, and over, again and again, and they’re false!)

The bigger problem was things he failed to mention about are listed in the following bullet list below.

  • How come Al failed to give accurate details about the shifts, and destruction of various states that formed new waterways in the United States around 2020 (we got five more years because he did say up to 2025, so go figure).
  • How come Al described the TV sets in the 2130s, similar to the “Ceiling & Wall Swivels” ones back in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s (you know rich folks back then had these nifty inventions already put to the test installed in their ceilings or attached to a swivel hanging from their wall).
  • He said in 2749, they had synthetic food sources. OKAY, but problem is; we already have that now 729 years prior!
  • He said societies were governed strictly by computer systems. So, I guess he never knew about a country called Estonia (with the latter being Sweden); that’s heavily supported by digitization.
Source: Urban Dictionary

To me it all sounds like a PR Move, to sucker people into believing what is questionable; and to pull money out of their pockets once Preston or Al give their testimonies and then encourage people to go buy their books to learn more secretive insider details.

(Duncan Cameron was always super quiet, which made things seem all the more faked; I don’t think he even wrote a book about his SUPPOSED experience while at Montauk).

Um. One can’t help to wonder about such off-the-wall controversies such as that.

Just saying sh*t is true is no different from skipping back and forth from a property you were supposed to land on with a crap load of hotels on it in a game of trick Monopoly.

“Okay, WTF happened to St. Charles Place (Pall Mall), and Connecticut Avenue (Pentonville Road), Vermont Avenue (Euston Road)?? I guess it’s just been too many years since I last took up the “iron” piece because monopoly looks completely foreign to me today

One of the players takes a turn when the other player decides to take a trip to the bathroom, putting their trust in you not to tell a lie and cheat when they return to finish the game.

Yet, they have grown suspicious because they had more houses and motels on their properties previously; and now, they somehow wind up landing on their opponent’s property with all of the hotels and houses on their land instead.

And, of course, the other player will lie their a** off, swearing they are playing by the rules. When in fact, they have been cooking up a plan all along; resorting to lying and cheating, rigging the game to serve their best interests.

I believe the intentions of Preston Nichols, Al Bielek, and Duncan Cameron; are in fact just that.

These men look like stone-cold lairs rigging their story to achieve a quick call to fame PERIOD!

Some Extra Hefty Truth Is Needed Here To Back Up All of the Montauk Claims!

(This is the “WEIGHT,” correction the “MASSIVE WEIGHT,” needed to prove a theory true because, in each case, there is nothing but “thin air” to support it. And we all know that air is too light to weigh anything down not even the hardcore truth; it just floats away off into space rarely to be heard about for years to come).

So, do I truly believe any of the claims given by Nichols, Bielek, and Cameron?

H**L NO!

If you don’t have visual proof, then it’s just good ol’ fashion hearsay designed to hype the spectators called an audience.

If they’re sharp enough to dazzle listeners who hear their non-provable claims, and write up a crafty “Science Fiction Book,” to tell it away is fine and dandy like cotton candy.

Other than that, their stories about Montauk is about true as the novel book writing project I’m doing now called “Ultraversed!”

Enter Into The “Ultraverse,” where reality officially takes a back seat to fiction!

It’s just a fiction tale to dazzle the masses; that’s all.


Because without them to read through it, would be pointless to write it!

I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a published author here on medium. I will be focusing on technology, history, and Maritime Concepts.

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