N95 Masks: A Governing Maskspiracy

So there’s a lot of talk about N95 Masks, and most people know they are “supposedly” reliable when protecting yourself against COVID-19.

We are now into the last month, at the jet-lagged end of 2020.

Now there are various masks people are wearing these days, and there is a lot of belief about regular face masks; is enough to keep an individual protected.

Which brings up an interesting question, how protected are people who wear semi-safe masks?

Um. Great question.

And what about the price of an N95 Mask?

I’ve heard they can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s just for a decent one.

I already mentioned before how ineffective handkerchiefs, bandanas, h**l, even wearing your shirt over your entire face — ISN’T GOING TO CUT THE MUSTARD!

Wearing items such as that on your face, thinking they will protect you from COVID is a LIE (and yet, people don’t want to hear that because it looks too cool when they wear them).

It’s just like when I tried to inform people about the deceptions centered on Maritime Law that secretly governs our nation, our laws, and ultimately us!

I even broke it down into every day Maritime Konsepts.

(Concepts, of course, is the actual word; “Konsepts” relates to the title of my audiobook I created).

Maritime Concepts are tethered to situations we face in life: twenty-four-seven (although no one seems to catch onto it).

Ironically, it’s what I’m doing now, at this moment. I have embarked on my authorship, which is sitting at a desk typing to make a living (correction, trying to make a living, LOL).

It’s a monetized concept (among other things) where I, you, me, we; write stories and publish content that inspires others who will set out to write great stories themselves that inspire others.

(It’s a never-ending cycle which consequently generates revenue, it controls; and can even wreck an individual’s life).

People make money in various ways, either they do it like me, who sit at a desk striking their fingers against a hard-plastic keyboard. Or maybe they run an online business or work a nine-to-five it makes no difference because it’s centered on a concept.

The Maritime Concept I just pointed out there; is relative to the word entrepreneurship.

However, the keyword that defines everything we do in life, WILL ALWAYS END WITH THE ICONIC WORD ‘SHIP’.

“See, we’re always on some type of journey in life. And we never seem to realize it!” — Jaye Irons


So, how much protection do we get from wearing clothed-based masks?

Source: Deposit Pictures

We’re wearing a cloth mask over our mouth and nose every day (so far, it’s been a never-ending cycle we adopt to survive the unfriendly elements), and the word associated there is survivorship.


There it is, that magic Maritime word term! Survivorship!

Meaning that people will do any and everything to survive. Even if they have to do it over and over again; and again every single day of their lives.

It’s the reason people are fearful of everybody else; NOW MORE THAN EVER!

So, we grab our masks, and we throw them on our faces, believing that we’re safe from the morbid effects of Corona C.

But can we be so sure we REALLY ARE?

Well, that’s what we’re about to find out shortly, and what I will share with you will re-define the phrase face mask safety; into a term called a Maskspiracy.

N95 Masks: Basic Face Mask Coverings

Source: Amazon (Grinch Cloth Face Mask)

Every day we are told the same thing before heading out into the cold, cruel world.


Which is something people will hear during the age of COVID.

It’s nothing anyone should take personally; it’s just business as usual. PERIOD!

You’ll need it everywhere you go, ESPECIALLY, when you’re around a large group of people.

However, you feel uneasy.

As if something’s bothering you, and you can’t put your finger on what it could be.


Then you think about your mask.

Yeah, yeah, your mask. Is it doing what it’s supposed to do, which is protecting you?

Suddenly, a sub-conscious little voice speaks so cynically, sounding like an unsure response coming from a Saturday Morning cartoon character on Merry Melodies.

Source: DuckDuckGo (TAZ)


So, yeah. Not so reassuring from a nonchalant response such as that.

And after checking the safety ratings of these face masks, is not too impressive by far.

Let’s check out a few facts about face masks in the provided list below:

  • They are simple coverings for your face and nose worn in the presence of others.
  • To further ensure the safety of others, should be the practice of social distancing (spaced 6-feet from the next individual, and so on).
  • People should wear face masks, even when among family and friends, for they do not know if they are infected.
  • People should disengage from social gatherings, going to the movies, restaurants, theme parks, at the workplace, and any other type of public event.
  • Even though people wear face masks, they still risk exposure to the virus.

So this leads us to one question.

How much protection does a face mask provides the wearer?

People will jump up and say.

“Well, they provide you optimal protection during this coronavirus crisis!”


Well, I beg to differ.

They provide the wearer with a decent amount of protection.

NOTICE I SAY “DECENT” because that’s all they will give you is decent protection.

Over the last few months, experts that took on this topic have told us things we believed to be the truth.

Now anything they tell us is to be treated as a half-truth.

Source: DuckDuckGo

Health advocators such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the WHO (World Health Organization) have said things regarding people’s safety from the prevention of COVID-19, is now questionable.

Ever Heard Of The Term “Weak Table Legs?”

Source: YouTube

Well, this is where we’re at with corona safety so far; because it’s a table topic situated on top of a pair of wobbly legs.

(As of now, it barely has any legs left to stand on).

And after checking out some disheartening information of clinical studies conducted by Doctors in Denmark will piss you off a little more than a tad bit.

From what I read on a webpage at the Hot Air website, is that face masks are “Statistically Insignificant.”

What does that mean?

That particular phrase stated as statistically insignificant?

Well, judging from an individual’s keen perception would view statistically as “statistics.”

So that implies many people, and when combined with the term insignificant, one would think of the word “insignificance” as something less than in its effectiveness.

“I can already feel the heat building deep within your very being.”

Well, hold on to your seat!

Because the rest of what you’ll hear might cause you to blow your top like a typical geyser would at the Yellowstone National Park.

Source: YouTube

After implying that statement, researchers in the post said that surgical masks DID NOT PROTECT WEARERS AGAINST INFECTION WITH THE CORONAVIRUS.

That statement released by researchers was conclusive after conducting random clinical trials testing.

And I’m thinking about the phrase > “surgical masks did not protect wearers” < stated in that paragraph; would signify these trial studies centered on medical facilities.

Um. Face Masks, for some odd reason, are now pictured in my thoughts.

And if that’s the case, then how protected are we when we enter a store, a shopping center, a restaurant, taking rides on public transportation.

Source: YouTube

(And yes, that includes planes because we’re now flying the COVID unfriendly skies), or even entering a gas station?

And what about the protection levels of standard face masks then?

The surgical brands can’t get the job done entirely, so what will a polyester & cotton-based face mask do for the wearer?

After probing further through the article, a study conducted involved a staggering number of COVID participants.

I say a STAGGERING NUMBER because it was a study case (broken up into small groups) where 42 people wore polyester-cotton face masks, and the 53 others didn’t wear masks.

Out of both groups; was almost an equal amount of people included in the study still contracted COVID!

And that was with or without the aid of a polyester/cotton-based face mask, so WTF!

What does that tell people who are masking up thinking that they 100% protected, and then you have health experts on television telling people that these RAGGA-MUFFIN MASKS will get the job done!

Source (YouTube): CDC Director Robert Redfield

I mean, should they be 100% honest?

Why not tell us what’s REALLY going on here?

CDC Director Robert Redfield said he would prefer wearing a face mask as a guaranteed solution; instead of taking his chances with a half-proven COVID vaccination that may compromise his health.


Well, that sounds as if face masks are NOT an optimal product to protect an individual from a COVID infection (And that came straight from the top horse’s mouth over at the CDC).

And what about these goofy governors of these states?

Yeah, them, that want to close every single establishment insight.

Shouldn’t they quarantine those who fall into the category of “MOST SUSCEPTIBLE” to contracting the virus?

That would be the homeless and people who have weak immune systems that cannot afford to catch the virus; because of the repercussions, they will face if they did.

(It would be a breeding ground that will push the pathogen spread around as if it was a modern-day “COVID Romper Room Happy Hour Event!”)

Those who are healthier should wear a mask and practice social distancing, and, of course, practice proper hand sanitation practices.

Source: WikiHow

And for those who think handkerchiefs and bandanas can still a face mask substitute, then you might as well as go maskless; and call it a day.

They are not proven effective when keeping your nose and mouth covered from the coronavirus, at least with face masks; you have a better chance to lessen the chances of infection.

The main reason handkerchiefs and bandanas are risky COVID blockers; is because they can’t effectively block the virus from entering small areas surrounding the nose and mouth on your face.

Hey, I understand it looks cool. Same time, it’s your health. So which one is most important to you?

I leave that answer to your inner thoughts with that statement.

N95 Air, DIY & KN95 Smart Face Masks Filters

When you hear the term N95, your automatic thought will center on the word safe.

People who have and wear them think they are untouchable when it comes down to a pathogenic virus; that’s looking to share some of their quality air space with them.

Yeah, that’s an uncomfortable thought to bear in mind.

However, is that 100% true?

Can N95 masks keep you fully protected?

Or is that the same semi-reassuring thing we heard moments ago after looking closely into the protection ratings of cloth face masks?

So, I broke it down into two versions of the N95 products (one of which is a newer makeshift DIY experimental project) & one of the KN95 smart-mask products.

First, we have the standard N95 mask.

What do we know about this standard face mask type?

Let’s check out the provided 3-lists below:

N95 Masks -

Source: Amazon
  • It has a filtering facepiece respirator built into the mask’s protective housing at the front-end of the PPE device (NOTE: When people are around individuals wearing an N95 Mask, they should still maintain their distance; as the wearer is exhaling through the mask’s filter that kicks out any contaminated air coming from them).
  • The N95 standard mask. It was approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (or the NIOSH for short).
  • This face mask type is said to be 95% effective against shielding the wearer against COVID-19.
  • It the most commonly used type wearers prefer because they can filter out small particles and liquids that face masks cannot do.
  • They are EXPENSIVE TO GET!

N95 (3M Air Furnace Filter Mask Units) -

  • From what I’ve seen so far, they are DIY Projects (“Do-It-Yourself”) putting together a “makeshift” 3M Ventilation-Filter Resistance Face Mask Unit.
  • Needed for the product will be air filter products from the makers at 3M. Most people know that these are air filtration units installed in their air ventilation systems in their homes.
  • The type of air filter fabric needed to filter out dangerous COVID particles in the air is the 1900 Allergen Bacteria & Virus brand that can be fitted and used in face masks. The 2200 Series Filtrete Filter, 3M brand, is a household favorite for optimal indoor air filtration.
  • These are known as MPR Products or (Micro-Particles Performance Rating). The 1900 brand is rated MERV 12, and the 2200 brand has a higher MERV rating (the higher the MERV rating, the better).
  • Proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment such as denim or leather gloves will suffice) is needed when handling the material inside the packaged product is housed in chicken wire and may prick the skin or cut you. The 3M product will need to be fitted inside of the face mask for enhanced protection against COVID.

Putting one together will require isn’t impossible to do.

One young lady named Brakin (hope that’s right, LOOK don’t kill the messenger! LOL) did just that, she even presented the steps on her YouTube Channel.


There are links to her channel in the source links placed under each image below.

And safety will always be a factor when opening the packaged product (and yes, you are required to wear a face mask when working with the material inside).

Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #1
  • After you have your mask on, you will start removing the packaging.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #2
  • Tear the cardboard away from the wiring.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #3
  • Peel the wire off gently on both sides of the product.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #4
  • Then grab yourself a pair of scissors.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #5
  • And start cutting the glue off of the ends of the fabric.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/Material Preparation > STEP #6
  • Cut strips that are 6 segments wide.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #7
  • Cut the glue off the ends of the fabric.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/Face Mask Insert Pieces > STEP #8
  • The dimension of the fabric filter MUST be cut in two sets of the ‘4.5” AND ‘5.5” inches.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/Face Mask Insert Pieces > STEP #9
  • (These will be done in different sets the ‘4.5”s, followed by the ‘5.5”s).
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/Face Mask Insert Pieces > STEP #10
  • Set the ‘4.5” inch fabrics on one side, and the ‘5.5” inch fabrics on the other side (doesn’t matter which side you start BUT KEEP THEM CATEGORIZED IN THEIR PROPER GROUP).
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/End Product Packaging > STEP #11
  • Count them to make sure you have the total amount needed per bag, and once your finished you’re going to place them in a Zip-lock Bag (Also make sure to write the date on a piece of masking tape, and press the tape firmly on the bag; write the amount in the center of the bag).
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/Clean Up Process > STEP #12
  • Gather the rest of the scrap filter fabric and set it aside.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter Unpackaging > STEP #13
  • Be sure to cut away any remaining glue elements.
Source: (Hollow Down Brakin’s YouTube Channel) 3M 1900 Air Filter/Bagging the loose scrap > STEP #14
  • Put the leftover filter fabric in a Zip-Lock Bag and label it “SCRAP”, and call it a day YOU’RE DONE! Well, for a little while that is. LOL.

The DIY model face masks are still in the experimental stages, although, it DEFINITELY sounds like a notable solution in the fight against COVID-19.

KN95 (Smart Mask Units) -

Source: Deposit Pictures
  • KN95 Masks are supposed to be protective against the COVID-19. Created in China, thousands of KN95 masks; were shipped to the United States months ago.
  • The electronic mask’s rating of protection is 95% effective against COVID, and other microscopic airborne bacterial pathogens.
  • The most popular KN95 brand on the market is the MagiCare KN95 Face Masks, which are on Amazon (notice I didn’t place a link to that webpage, it’s a reason I didn’t; which I’ll explain shortly).
  • They are on sale at amazon.com (but I wouldn’t go and blindly start buying them right away).
  • You’re thinking. Why the H**L NOT! I need a smart mask that’s probably better than an N95 Mask.

Well, hate to break it to you, but;


China started producing the KN95 masks at the start of the pandemic, and they were supposed to be top of the top-line of face masks.

Even the N95s was is said to be inferior to KN95s.

And people believed that they needed a KN95 A.S.A.P.

(You should know what that A.S.A.P means, so I won’t insult your intelligence telling you what the abbreviation means).

Sales were booming, and online vendors such as Amazon were making money hand-over-fist!

And then the unthinkable happened, there was a massive recall of the KN95 masks. People wondered what the problem could be, and when they found out what the issue was, they were pissed the h**l off!

They were pissed; I MEAN PISSED OFF after learning about the KN95 masks’ safety performance from Health Canada’s Website, and the Canadian Government issuing a recall of 8 million KN95 mask units.

The recall was issued after quality test inspections were conducted.

Tests had found the KN95 masks were 1% effective when blocking contaminated air particles (these were findings verified by NIOSH).

The main problem for the masks’ safety failure evaluation was the loose-fitting ear loop of the mask, which meant the improperly fitted units were useless.

As a result, the masks failed to provide optimal protection against airborne pathogens such as COVID-19.

Even though that was a verified issue, some masks remained on the consumer market! WTF!

I read a little more about the issue in an MDEL BULLETIN PDF Document, where it is re-states the urgency of the KN95 mask recall immediately.

A “Stop-Sale” order of the KN95 face masks of the manufactures was initiated, followed by a re-labeling process of the current stock supply is a mandated procedure.

It also states that Health Canada will send regulatory letters to the MDEL (Medical Device Establishment License), keeping them updated on the continuing situation.


It doesn’t take a genius to see the issues we are having with the verification of face mask safety.

Health experts at the CDC and WHO (among other medical facilities) told us time and time again to wear a properly fitted face mask (and not handkerchiefs or bandanas).

And most people do (yours truly included), and we’re told as long as we practice social distancing, avoid large groups, should keep you from catching the virus.

Then the message shifted, telling people to wear the mask to keep from spreading the virus.

Um. Wait a minute, spreading the virus?

Why didn’t they fill us in on all of that from the beginning?


The things we keep hearing from these so-called health experts!

Another issue is the N95 masks verified as safe are being held back from the public (particularly the United States) because governments of countries such as China are supposedly confiscating the units for themselves.

Back in June, Chinese distributors were charged with sending nearly half a million misbranded and defective masks that were falsely purported to be N95 respirators.

U.S. Attorneys Craig Carpenito, and Richard P. Donoghue, made the announcement; and shock waves of disbelief ushered through the wire-ways of social media.

Then we have our government; telling us NOT TO BUY N95 MASKS.

They said that medical staff members should only be allowed to have access to them for extreme situations and that we should settle for face masks instead.

They believe polyester/cotton-based face to deter the public’s changes in contracting COVID-19.

So, our government thinks average everyday citizens aren’t facing similar types of dire situations like people in the medical profession?

Every time an individual dons a face mask and enters a shopping center or the workplace, or steps on a CTA bus, or kids entering schools, they say it’s not as serious as a staff member working in a medical facility among people who are equally infected with COVID?

That’s laughable to think as much. However, it’s not funny when you have citizens turning up infected with the coronavirus.

And then we hear reports on the news that another thousand jobs are yanked from workers at various companies because of COVID fear, leaving them with no hope in sight!

And what about the situation with the approval of KN95 masks?

Source: Boston Website

Then I ran into an article at boston.com that stated how KN95 masks could serve as an alternative if there is a shortage of N95 masks.

However, the problem lies within the quality of the KN95 product, and the burning question remains.

Are KN95 masks safe and reliable for usage?

That’s what concerns firefighters, paramedics, and other public service safety specialists.

And another article mentioned how federal agencies spent millions on KN95 masks, which led to another alarming issue that would leave an optimistic health fanatic left in shambles.



Source: ProPublica Website

So, this is what I mean; THIS IS WHY I SAY! It doesn’t take a genius to see the issues we are having with the verification of face mask safety.

And, again, those unbelievable statements our government makes supporting the idea, telling United States citizens NOT TO BUY N95 MASKS; that medical staff members should only be allowed to have access to them for extreme situations.

(That statement continues to burn deep in the recesses of my subconscious!)

Telling people to wear the polyester/cotton-based mask to keep from spreading the virus?

When they already knew before citizens did, that they won’t effectively be able to do!


I mean, shouldn’t they tell us the most important info sooner instead of waiting 2, 3, 5, 10 weeks to tell us later?

A greater concentration on N95 mask preparation, funding, and accessibility could have made a world of difference given the situation now.




Not trying to jump the gun too hard, but let’s get real here folks; we’re being played for fools, from the things we keep hearing from these so-called health experts!

And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Another issue is the N95 masks, verified as safe, are held back from the public, because governments of countries such as China are supposedly confiscating the units they have there.

(Some of which were based on our designs HERE in the U.S.)

Why won’t the American Government put funding towards personal protective equipment for its own citizens who face dire situations such as COVID today?

I heard about the counterfeit N95 face masks that were received here in the states, so why not take those and re-engineer them into a usable unit?

(That could help to subvert the shortage issue!)



I don’t know, hard to say where this will lead us to next.

Source: Deposit Pictures

Looks like it’s time to jump aboard the “Survivorship” big time because solutions are running out for us; while our COVID troubles continue to churn and accumulate like never before.


Because without them to read through it, would be pointless to write it!

I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a published author here on medium. I will be focusing on technology, history, and Maritime Concepts.

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