The YouTube Purge, Why, And The Alternative End Solution

Isn’t That Always The Case With These Monopoly Giants Who Love Pissing On The Little Guy

YouTube has been around for a long-time now, and content creators have flocked to the platform ever since.

I’ve jumped on YouTube; and tried to establish my channel dealing with Maritime Law. I was going to break down the concepts of Maritime Law; its “lesser” half is known as Maritime Concepts.

I told the few readers about it that have viewed my posts so far. I was going to give a little insight into aspects of Maritime.

Well, I came up with an idea; that was enticing to me. And the idea came about; when I saw a video done up by a YouTube creator named #GoingFullNerd.

Now, I’ve heard about YouTube’s latest move to cut the production content of small-time content creators.

It was nothing no to me; I just never had the chance to get into the topic; because I been on a busy schedule.

The topic he brought to the table; was YouTube’s decision to cancel his channel entirely.

Meaning #PurgeFromThePlatform, type of entirely; and the reason why he says, is not too surprising to me.

“Yeah we would kick you and your channel out the front door but it was overcrowded, so we doing yall a favor and kicking the both of you out the back instead.” 🤣

Long-time content creators are coming out, addressing the matter head-on, in a fight to the finish.

And the content creator of the channel Going Full Nerd; laid it out to a T.

He says he received a notification from YouTube; hence his YouTube Partner Privileges; will be taken away from him.

And other creators working to push content out on to the platform; know what I’m going to say next.

His channel was in jeopardy; because it lacked a sufficient amount of views.

And it’s like a broken record at this point, not addressing Onyxxx’s channel for this second (well, technically; it still does, I’m just adding an angle to it).

It’s the term he brought up, which led me to write this post tonight.

He said the Maritime word; that started spinning my wheels about this particular topic; when he said the term #Viewership.

Source: YouTube

And that was all I needed to hear; and, like Batman & Robin, it was time to go to work and hash out this bulls*it caper pushed in the face of content creators.

See, YouTube is all about the dollar-dollar bill yo; and I’m not a rapper, but I had to put the “yo” in there to get your undivided attention.

Onyxxx said what YouTube content creators already have heard; although, they might not fully realize why YouTube has enforced this mandate on them.

I, on the other hand, see why they decided to take this course of action.

Guess YouTube believe they can just “PLUCK” their content creators to death whenever they so damn please

It’s because they are looking to get paid, and I’m not talking about the creators; I’m talking about YouTube.

This next answer is an ideal one because it deals with the aspects of the cash flow system.

How much money does YouTube pull in a quarter-way into the year?

Now that’s a damn good question.

And how much of their earnings go to their partners every quarter?

Well, according to an article I ran across on, the video media giant is pulling in a cool crisp $15 billion annually.

That means quarterly; they are estimating around $3.75 billion dollars every three months.

(Depending on their monthly quarter earnings, it could be four months in three segments; who knows).

Onyx even said; to be considered a valued YouTube partner, a creator would need to pull at least 60,000 cumulative views on average!

What are they implying when they are saying cumulative?


To me, that sounds like they’re saying.


Sound like fighting words to me.

It’s as if they’re bullying their partners who sign a contract agreement to rent a spot of their beloved platform.

Oops, I inadvertently pointed out what that something is!

Did I say contract?

Well, I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I believe I did say just that.

Source: Inverse

We, however, only need the following phrase that sets the tone entirely.

Source: Deposit Photos

“Your agreement including the YouTube partner program policies require compliance with these monetization policies in order to potentially earn money on YouTube.”

Source: DuckDuckGo

So, what do we have so far?

The key terms and a contract pressuring content creators to churn out bucket loads of revenue that benefit YouTube’s platform.

“Wonder how many dust balls I can count in my pocket, and tell YouTube I believe that’s what I should be getting pay per video.” > WOAH > 545,454.54! FAT CHANCE GETTING PAID THAT.

Leaving them with starch-filled lent-balls deep down in their pockets.

$$ The following Maritime Concepts below (Cash Flow Ideology Enslaving Contributors on YouTube): $$

  • Cash Flow System — Money needs to be earned, accumulated by the people (or the “little guys”); and after that money; is built up, the majority of it is confiscated by the (“Big Guy”).
  • Viewership — GET A LOT OF VIEWS! YouTube doesn’t feel like putting too much effort on their end because they control the platform; so, they leave that for the content creators to do.
  • Cumulative — The money built up is NOT ENOUGH to cover the Big Boss’ financial expenses. As a result, the Big Boss cracks down on the little guys, telling them to either make more money!

Or get kicked out of the club, FOREVER!

Then there’s the advertising aspect; they heavily emphasize the use of AdSense Advertisements; because they have the intentions of NOT paying you outright.

Even though; YouTube pulls in billions; on an annual basis.

But they are not stupid, and they sure in h*ll are not trying to put themselves at risk; by spending on content creators, NO MATTER HOW BIG THEIR CHANNEL IS!

The main thing is how much money are YouTube creators; making for them; that’s the prime focus they will target all day long.

If you have a channel that can’t pull the views (again, this is a lack of viewership), then you don’t exist in the eyes of YouTube.

And it doesn’t matter if their creators are following the platform’s rules down to the lowest common denominator.

By the way; what are content creators told NOT to do:

  • Don’t duplicate and re-use content presently created.
  • Don’t target inappropriate content toward kids (COPPA guidelines).
  • Don’t SPAM annoying content across the platform.
  • Don’t put up inappropriate content (such as twerk videos, bj-videos, etc.)

I’m guessing a little over half of the YouTubers follow these rules faithfully; however, it’s the other half who don’t give a rat’s a**.

They will put up whatever content they feel like, even though they risk losing their platform and indirectly jeopardize smaller platforms, all in one stroke.

And then there’s YouTube’s infamous Algorithmic thinking system (basically Google’s Algorithm system because they own YouTube) that targets channels that aren’t performing up to the platform’s standards.

So the algorithmic system; is comparable to a tattle-teller in grade school.

(Every school had tattle-tellers of various generation gaps).

Meaning, you can’t hide from the algorithms; it’s too hard to cheat them in any way, and even if you get away with it for some time, it catches up to you eventually; and YouTube then finds out and takes away your channel and money!

As mentioned before, pushing content that’s already on the platform; only sets up lazy plagiarist content creators; to FAIL at a later time.

It’s a waste of time to plagiarize, plus it’s unethical, which YouTube doesn’t tolerate; and the result; only forces YouTube to tighten down the screws on users who are practicing proper publishing ethics when posting content on the video site.

See YouTube wants to make sure you’re following the rules; because they are all about making money off their creators.

Yeah, you have creators who have big channels; but they’re facing the same situation as the smaller channels (however, it’s on a latter-scale).

So, whether the content they produce is informative, funny, or helps solve problems, YouTube knows that will keep them afloat and well-financed.

For the big YouTube channels, they will snag the big profits; however, the smaller channels will get what’s leftover.

(Which are the chumps).

And what are the well-known giant content creators on the platform:

  • PewDiePie
  • HolaSoyGerman
  • Smosh
  • Fernanfloo
  • VanossGaming
  • Whinderssonnunes
  • Nigahiga
  • JuegaGerman
  • JennaMarbles
  • RomanAtwood

Are YouTube Most Valuable VIP’s.

Essentially, YouTube will only cater to the more established content creators.

Meaning, everyone else who has great content; or has interesting topics or how-to videos to share. However, if they are considered mediocre in viewership status; then they will face uphill battles for years to come.

(Because YouTube will only acknowledge long-term content creators on a grander scale; before acknowledging short-term and newer content creators just starting out).

And that’s why I got off YouTube myself; because I knew it wasn’t going to pair-up well with my content.

#Maritime Admiralty Law; is not just for anybody.

Yeah, basically everybody controls our financial base; no wonder why we’re such a broke a** country

It takes a concerted effort to push it out to those (and it’s only going to be a few; I MEAN VERY FEW) who are interested in learning about how their futures have been jeopardized by our government ever since 1871.

Most of which centers around the cash system of this nation; that identify us as monetized slaves.

Senator Ronny J went into MAXIMUM BALLISTIC MODE on the new 2020 Three Stooges Media Trio (starring Pichai, Zuckerberg, and Dorsey > Johnson didn’t even go to commercial to take a short water break; he just kept blasting them out of the water 7 minutes straight! I thought Zuckerberg was gonna shed a tear).

It’s gotten to the point where you have giant media entities such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, (and soon to be YouTube) have been catching heat from Congressional figures in the U.S. Senate.


It’s because of the suppressed information to mask all of the #MassCorruption during current political events, and whistleblowers facing various #Censorship tactics killing their content; and; in most cases, they wind up getting banned off social media plateaus, or they lose their YouTube channel.

It’s just another reason how smaller YouTube channels get kicked to the curve; before having a chance to gain recognition and monetization privileges on YouTube’s platform thanks to situations such as that.

So, YouTube really made an effort to make it difficult for content creators to reach monetization status.

Onyxxx also pointed out clearly in his video what he said about all of the shady practices carried out by the desperate struggling smaller channels.

If you try to cheat YouTube; they might wind up putting you in doggy detention PERMANENTLY! The trick here is to just make your own sh*t; BE CREATIVE, and thus, you stay out of permanent detention!

You know the ones who spam other people’s content, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Onyxxx said it best in a set of comments he shared about the PURGE matter:

“They created an atmosphere to the point where YouTube said.”

“You know what?

“We’re getting this revenue, we’re generating this revenue, and this revenue we can’t touch because of all of that.”

“So we know they’re people out there trying, we don’t want to spend our money to refine the system, recreate the algorithm, create the freakin’ math problem to fix this.”

“So what we’re going to do; is we’re going to slowly but surely, SCREW EVERYONE OVER!”

He goes on to point out how YouTube; might roll out a brand-spanking-new; “Monetization System,” where they could enforce harsher stipulations to ensure both copy-cat and newer channels fall by the wayside.

(They could easily do that by adding yet another condition to the already strained conditions of the YouTube Partner Program).

LOL, YouTube gotta be kicking themselves in the a** when they decided to allow Adsense Promoting; and now their sh*tting bricks because DESPERATE smaller YouTube channels are re-uploading everybody else’s videos; thus killing the financial worth of the platform itself; WOAH THE IRONY!

Another point he made is that YouTube; is looking to clean up the platform and PURGE copy-cat content creators.

They want to target them, who are dragging down the financial worth of the video franchise. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about protecting their assets.

The what Onyxxx was mainly pointing out; all of the giant content creators might be tanking the platform because they’re hogging a large amount of the viewers on the site; and the smaller channel are just left dragging on YouTube coat tails

With all that said; lead to the obvious solution that content creators should invest in.

What is the solution?

Build It, Create Good Content, Slap Ads On It, Share It, And They’ll Come Eventually, Turn Profits, Rinse, Wash, & Repeat!

The answer is creating a website and shift their traffic toward their own site; instead of using YouTube.

Doing so puts you in charge!

That means no one, NOT YOUTUBE, NOT GOOGLE, NOT FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC; can tell you want you can and cannot do! PERIOD!

It’s 2020, and that’s means a new decade of HOW TO’s, is the new necessity of surviving the wire-ways of the internet.

“Re-invent yourself; build it, and they will come.”

Over and out, end of story!


Because without them to read through it, would be pointless to write it!

I love doing what I like doing best. That’s WRITING. I am a published author here on medium. I will be focusing on technology, history, and Maritime Concepts.

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